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My Honda VSA Light is On | Is It Safe to Drive

Have you just noticed the appearance of the VSA light on your Honda dashboard? The VSA warning light is a Yellow Triangle with an exclamation point inside. This article explains the meaning, cause, and action to take when you observe the Honda VSA light.

The VSA system is a built-in computer system that helps increase safety and driving experience in recent Honda models by improving traction on the road and helping to reduce road accidents. Without the VSA system, a car would have just the normal braking and cornering ability that may be inadequate for driving in adverse weather conditions like in winter.

What is Honda VSA Light

Vehicle Stability Assist system for driving in winter

VSA stands for Vehicle Stability Assist system which provides enhanced traction and stability to the steering wheel. The VSA system is controlled by a VSA switch under the left Vent. You can press the VSA button to turn it On or Off. When turned off, the VSA indicator light would be permanently on as a reminder.

The VSA light is very helpful as it helps the car maintain smooth acceleration and keep it under control, particularly when driving in adverse weather conditions like in snowy winter when the road surface becomes loose; helping to prevent the risk of skidding, flipping and crashing the car.

Is it Safe to Drive with the VSA Light On?

If the VSA light comes on and the light remains on while driving, this could be an indication of fault with the system. You can confirm this by finding a safe location to pull over, turn off the engine, and turn it back on. if the light returns then the system is faulty. You can still drive the car, but your car won’t have the enhanced stability and traction control provided by the VSA system.

Why does My Honda VSA Light Comes On

The VSA warning light may illuminate on your Honda dash as an indication that the system has been activated in response to a potential hazard on the road surface or at cornering.

The VSA system helps to keep your car under control by moderating oversteering or understeering of the wheel to prevent skidding. The electronic stability system works by changing the engine output and applying each wheel’s brake individually to improve your car’s traction on the road.

Aside from the blinking light, you may also notice the following signs as confirmation that the VSA system has been activated.

-A reduction in the vehicle power and acceleration even if you press on the gas.

-The brakes may get activated automatically. This is usually done subtly and not suddenly by the system.

Should VSA Light be on or Off:

The VSA light turns on by default when you start your car, even if you turned it off the last time you drove the car. It is advisable to always keep it on. However, you can turn it off if the car gets stuck in mud, sand, or fresh snow.

Does VSA Affect Acceleration?

Yes. The activation of the VSA light reduces your engine acceleration to keep the car under control. However, the system gets activated only when needed, like when driving on slippery road.

Frequent Flashing VSA light on the Dash

If you however notice a frequent flashing of the VSA light even when driving on a dry road in good weather conditions, this could mean there is a problem with the system and its time to have it checked. You can carry out a simple check yourself by safely pulling over, turning off your engine, and then back on. Good luck if the light goes off. Otherwise, it’s time to schedule an inspection to diagnose the fault in the system.

Permanent VSA Activation Light

If you notice the VSA light indicator stays lit up all the time, instead of blinking, this means the system has been disabled from the console switch. You can turn the system on to clear the light.

When to Seek Mechanic Diagnosis of Honda Car.

You should seek a diagnosis of your VSA system by a mechanic if you notice the below.

If both the VSA light and the Check Engine Light come on. The activation of both lights is an indication of a fault in your Honda car systems that may require professional assistance.

If the VSA light stays permanently lit up, this may also be an indication that you need a mechanic to fix the problem.

Correlation Between VSA and ABS.

The ABS Braking system makes use of the ABS Module that collects information from the wheel sensors in activation of the system to maintain the stability of a vehicle. The ABS system is activated whenever you apply for a car brake. The VSA on the other hand provides a vehicle with enhanced traction and stability function when driving on slippery roads. The VSA interacts with the ABS light system, wheel speed sensor, and other systems to provide enhanced functionality.

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