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REVA NXR and REVA NXG All-Electric Cars Available For Europe Reservation

By • Oct 5th, 2009 • Category: Clean Car Talk Posts

The REVA NXR, a new lithium-ion powered electric car from REVA Electric Car Company (REVA), is scheduled to go into production early 2010. Also unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show was REVA’s showcar, the REVA NXG (NeXt Generation), the company’s 2011 model. Customers can register their interest in either vehicle on the online priority list by paying a refundable 500 euro (US$ 727) fee today.

President Obama Announces $2.4 Billion in Grants to Accelerate the Manufacturing and Deployment of the Next Generation of U.S. Batteries and Electric Vehicles

By • Aug 5th, 2009 • Category: Clean Car Talk Daily Snapshots

President Obama today announced 48 new advanced battery and electric drive projects that will receive $2.4 billion in funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The goals will be to accelerate the manufacturing and deployment of electric vehicles, batteries, and components here in America, and create tens of thousands of new jobs.

Design Considerations For Good Battery Pack Design & Integration

By • May 26th, 2009 • Category: Battery Technology for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Battery pack technology is all about managing the temperature of the cells and low resistance of the interconnecting conductors, connectors, and switches. There is still a lot of room for creative pack designs in electric and hybrid vehicles. Here are design considerations for good battery pack design and integration.

Battery Options for Hybrid Vehicles and Electric Vehicles

By • Apr 30th, 2009 • Category: Battery Technology for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Batteries or battery packs can make or break a hybrid or electric car. Here’s a look at the different battery options and their characteristics together with notes on key manufacturers.

Rechargeable Car Battery Development: From Buggies to Hybrids and Electric Cars

By • Mar 12th, 2009 • Category: Battery Technology for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Electric cars with an electric motor and rechargeable batteries developed quite early. However, the first person that experienced a dead battery before returning to the charging port realized that battery capacity and vehicle running range could be a problem.

Converting Fossil Fuel Energy to Battery Energy: Understanding Your Electric Car

By • Mar 9th, 2009 • Category: Battery Technology for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Batteries store energy and supply power. But in casual conversation both words are tossed around to mean just about the same thing. Here is a primer to help keep your powers and energies straight.

Harnessing Electrical Energy: Batteries and Battery Packs Explained

By • Mar 5th, 2009 • Category: Battery Technology for Hybrid and Electric Cars

A battery is a hunk of something that has some stored energy that can be accessed to convert into some other energy. So what do you do when higher energy and/or power is needed? It’s actually pretty simple. Batteries can be assembled as multi-cell battery packs and packs of packs.

Awesome Mobility ReCharge: Fast Charging Solution for Electric Vehicles?

By • Feb 24th, 2009 • Category: Clean Car Talk Posts, Videos

This recharging system claims to have solved a major problem of consumer adoption of EVs by allowing trips beyond typical current EV range of about 150 miles. With fast charging, drivers merely have to pull in to recharging stations much like refueling your internal combustion-engined cars, charge up the batteries, pay for the charge, and continue on their trips.

Gas to Electric Vehicle Conversion in Six Days at South Seattle Community College

By • Jan 27th, 2009 • Category: Battery Technology for Hybrid and Electric Cars, Clean Cars in Education

The six-day workshop guides students through the complete process of converting a vehicle from a gasoline engine to electric power, capable of highway speeds, with a 30-60 mile range on one charge.

Advanced Car Batteries Industry Still Wide Open?

By • Jan 18th, 2009 • Category: Battery Technology for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Advanced batteries technology development and manufacturing are all risky bets. According to Ford executive chairman William C. Ford Jr., “There are no guarantees that consumers — for all their stated concerns about global warming, dependence on foreign oil and unpredictable gas prices — will buy enough of them.” Who’s going to lead the advanced batteries industry for hybrid and electric cars?