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Ways to Maximize MPG from Your Car

By • Nov 26th, 2008 • Category: Maximize Your MPG

maximize mpg

Read up on ways to maximize miles per gallon (MPG) from your car from the latest news feeds.
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  1. My tips for achieving a 33% increase in millage with any car on the road today…I do it everyday and it works best in town driving.
    If you can start out from home and can get into cruse mode it’s okay to accelerate quickly up to that speed..cruse always does better than we can.
    Time the red lights..attempt to keep your vehicle moving with no stops…think ‘mogo’..or momentum.
    Forget warm ups..just get in and go….if the speed limit is 40 try 35 mph you’ll be shocked in the benefits.
    If you see a traffic signal way ahead of you and it’s about to turn red..shift into neutral and coast to the then it probably will be shift back to D and accelerate slowly.
    Remember neutral should be the gear you use the most..the savings are astonishing!
    The slowing down of your need to speed is a learning may drive my wife crazy but I’m very comfortable with it..especially when I can go 160 more miles on a tank of gas than she can..the bucks do not lie..especially at the pump..

  2. I’ve noticed that driving with cruise control (even in town), and only manually accelerating when needing to (starting from a full stop, up a hill) substantially increases my gas mileage. I’ve tested driving conservatively without cruise control vs. driving pretty much exclusively with cruise. I gain 10 mpg using my cruise to accelerate, decelerating, cancel cruise and coast to a red light. It’s a new way of driving for me. It also makes you aware of your old driving habits and keeps you more in tune with the road.