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Clean Diesel Cars Compendium

Updated 06-08-09. Diesel cars have always been able to get high mpg, or miles per gallon. With a combination of new technologies and regulations comes a new breed of clean diesel cars. This Diesel Cars Compendium aims to track diesel cars that are clean and efficient, achieving at least 30 mpg in any driving condition. For now the list will only list cars available beginning in early 2009 and beyond. The compendium will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. For suggestion or correction please use the contact form following the table.

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- Make and Model Country of Origin Model Year EPA mpg (city/hwy) MSRP (USD) Notes
  Audi A3 2.0 TDI Germany 2010 45 $26,920 - $36,975(?) 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine yields 140 horsepower and 236, pound-feet of torque; 6-speed automatic transmission
  BMW 116d Germany 2009 64.2 combined (non EPA) $26,303 (3-dr)-$27,095(5-dr) Not available in US. Available as either a three- or five-door hatch, the BMW 116d is powered by a somewhat detuned 2.0L turbo-diesel engine producing 116 HP and 191 Ft-Lbs of torque; 0 to 60 time: approximately 10 seconds; top speed: 125 mph.
  BMW 335d Germany 2009 33 $44,725 155 mph, 0 to 62 mph in 6.0 seconds and 428 lb.-ft. of torque;
  VW Jetta TDI Germany 2009 30 city/41 hw 22,270 First 50-state legal diesel car; real world driving has achieved 50+ combined mpg; four cylinder 2.0-liter engine produces 140 hp and 236 lb.-ft. of torque.

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