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Want to Get Cleaner Cars on the Road? Just Yank the Old Car Out of Their Hands!

By • Dec 6th, 2008 • Category: Clean Car Talk Posts

Volt hybrid car in hi def TVI was thinking the other day. What did it take for us to make the switch from VHS tapes to DVDs? and now from DVDs to Blu-ray Discs? Or from cassette tapes to CDs? and from analog to digital TVs? Or to expand the horizon a little bit more, from a multitude of things we use everyday to something else that are much better? What about the hybrids, plug-in hybrids or electric cars?

Sure there have to be debates from all corners from inside and outside the industry, plus pros and cons evaluations, cost-benefit comparisons, expert testimonies, product reviews and customer trials and feedback. No new product or technology can escape this brutal process. And it is really one of the best ways to validate a product’s merit and worth in the marketplace.

While a number of new products mentioned above are still in transition, in the end, whichever come out on top would invariably share some common characteristics with previous market “winners”. They all enjoy the commitment and push from the manufacturers (or a consortium of manufacturers) with a little bit of federal mandates sprinkled in, or any combination thereof. Without these two factors in one form or another, one can’t imagine any new product or technology coming to market.

Consumers are not a stupid bunch. But they will buy when new products are available that will work as advertised, improve their lives, and bring great feelings to the owners at the same time. The fact is marketing and sales cannot bring to market something that the manufacturers won’t build, or the government won’t mandate and support. So there you have it. It’s very simple: if we don’t force people to change and switch to clean, low-emission vehicles, they’ll just continue to do what they’re most familiar and comfortable with – driving cars powered by petroleum-based energy. Forcing people? I know, I know, this sounds un-American, but look around you. We’re already doing it. My personal view is, where appropriate and with proper regulation, it’s ok.

By the way, let’s get back to the hi-def TVs. How did we all switch to hi-def TVs? Well the new technology will give us the obvious benefits of increased flexibility and capacity, higher quality in images and sound, more programming choices, etc. But at the same time it will force consumers to shell out more of their hard-earned money to buy new TV sets and programmings. By the time it’s all said and done it will have cost us many many dollars. But guess what, there was a law and then there was a plan. And the product is good, so we pay up and enjoy it.

Hmm, maybe we can do the same with those clean car technologies? Just have a plan to phase out the old technologies. Novel idea, I know.

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