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A Hybrid Cars Compendium to Help Track the Hybrid Car Market

By • Jan 1st, 2009 • Category: Clean Car Talk Posts

2009 Camry HybridThe Hybrid Cars Compendium is now live.

The automobile industry, particularly in North America and Europe, has always been a very active market with new and better models announced every year. This keeps the car products fresh, competitive and exciting to the buying public. With environmental issues at the forefront of our consciousness, the clean car market for consumers, namely the hybrid, electric, plug-in and clean diesel cars, is especially very active and is expected to continue to make the news.

New models and technology are being announced almost daily, as the competition heats up to see which car manufacturer has the coolest environmentally clean cars coming out in the years ahead. Clean car manufacturers and new clean models are coming out of the woodwork! I don’t know about you but it’s quite hard for me to keep track of who is doing what. This is why I’m creating a series of compendiums starting with the Hybrid Cars Compendium. In the next few weeks I will start 2 more: Electric and Plug-In Cars Compendium, and Clean Diesel Cars Compendium. The compendiums will be updated regularly. After all it is good to see the whole market as a summary in the same table.

Your suggestions and corrections are most welcome. Please use the contact form after each compendium or the form in the Contact page.

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