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Electric & Plug-in Cars Compendium Begins with Two New EVs

By • Jan 6th, 2009 • Category: Clean Car Talk Posts

Chevy Volt 2010I’ve just posted the Electric & Plug-in Cars Compendium to begin with two cars on the list: the GM Volt and the BYD F3e. Both are intriguing vehicles and the public has many reasons to be excited about them.

The single fact that car makers and in the case of BYD, a battery maker, are announcing they’ll make all-electric and plug-in cars is reason enough for EV fans to salivate. I’m sure there’ll be challenges in battery energy storage technology to overcome before any of these cars make it to the market, and I applaud the companies for trying. Just look at the expected range on a single charge for these 2 cars (40 miles for the Volt and 185 miles for the F3e). Maybe they’re considered too optimistic by some. But they’re good aggressive goals and while we may not achieve them in the near term, I think they are exactly what the public needs to start thinking about the possibilities that these new electric and plug-in cars will enable us to do – independence from petroleum-based fuel, pollution-free driving and living, and so on.

The Electric & Plug-in Cars Compendium will continue to expand to be cover the whole spectrum of available and planned cars.

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