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Driving a Hybrid: Is It Boring?

By • Mar 21st, 2009 • Category: Clean Car Talk Posts

2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid DisplayFor many who don’t own a hybrid car or are thinking about purchasing one, you have to wonder: is it boring to drive a hybrid?

Let’s face it, we all have places to go and cars give us the freedom to go when and where we want (maybe this is part of the reasons causing pollution, highway gridlocks, dependency on foreign oil, etc., but that’s for another topic). Regardless of the reasons why you buy a certain car, you have to admit: driving pleasure is always a big part of our car culture and car experience. We gawk at luxury or high-end sports cars and fantasize about driving one. It’s the stuff we all dream about. But in any price range, when buying a car, it’s always about test driving, and feeling great about driving it.

With hybrid cars, the “feeling great” is still there, but it’s more about feeling great “knowing” you’re driving a hybrid, rather than the traditional just “feeling great” about driving your favorite car. Hybrid cars really are definitely changing a driver’s driving habit and lifestyle at the same time. Fun driving is not necessarily out the window (no pun intended). But now other considerations take more precedent. Here’s what I mean.

For one thing, you can’t floor the gas pedal for some instant thrill whenever you want to. Now whether it’s actually “can’t” or “shouldn’t” or “don’t want to”, you take your pick, the fact is you are constantly aware (consciously or unconsciously) of how you are driving. After all, one of the major reasons you drive a hybrid is to miximize gas mileage, right? It’s not unlike a serious hypermiler wanting to squeeze every little mile out of every little drop of gas in his tank.

What’s the net effect? Well hybrid drivers may find themselves becoming very patient, tolerant, and very cool and calm creatures when facing most driving conditions. There are no more sudden movements, no more competing with traffic, no more racing down the left lane, at least in urban traffic. Hybrid car drivers tend to mind their own business on the road and not bother anyone (well not intentionally anyway, look out for my upcoming post on driving behind a hybrid.)

So is it boring to drive a hybrid? My guess is there may be some who wish they didn’t buy one, but most people would say it was a right decision and would recommend it. But here’s one way to find out. How about leaving your opinion in this poll below?

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Are you a hybrid car owner? How long did you take to get used to driving a hybrid? What do you find most enjoyable about it, and what bugs you the most? Share your experience with us.

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