Hybrid, Electric, Plug-in, Clean Diesel Cars for the Responsible Consumers.


Hybrid, electric, plug-in, clean diesel cars and trucks, and public transit are all clean driving choices for the responsible consumers.

What Clean Car Talk Is About

Clean Car Talk is about clean, environmentally friendly cars, trucks and other transportation options for consumers and car lovers. Clean Car Talk aims to educate, inform, entertain and promote clean cars and responsible transportation decisions and practices from a consumer standpoint. Without being preachy.

We’re passionate about improving and keeping the environment clean for future generations to enjoy. While there are many ways to promote responsible, pollution-free life style, we want to focus on transportation because we feel strongly that drivers, together as a group, can make real impact in the environment. Clean Car Talk is both a magazine and a blog. Pretty much anything goes here; you won’t necessarily find car reviews, but you’ll find lots of op-eds and useful info.

Sponsoring Clean Car Talk

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Contributing to Clean Car talk

We’re also open to content contribution. Please contact us via theĀ Contact page.

Have a happy, safe and clean drive.

Clean Car Talk People (Cuong and Tom)

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